“creative, talented, great vibes that keep you moving!!”

~Oren Mertz

“Everything.  Vocals are phenomenal.  Bassist, drummer, and keyboardist are ridiculously talented.  Can't imagine how good this group will be when they've been playing together for more than six months when they're this good already.”

 ~Gina Costales

“I heard them play at Harrah's Casino in Chester. They were 2 men down, had to improvise their music, and still sounded amazing. Very talented musicians and I could listen to their singer all night.. beautiful voice.”

~Jenn Gehring

A few facebook reviews reveal the caliber of Tracksuit Panda. Hailing from “The Pocono’s PA”, Tracksuit Panda takes the finest from their area and creates music that blends feelings of nostalgia with a modern texture. Music flows through this band from both diverse and similar interests from each member. They have an engaging beat that inspires their fans to dance. One word to describe the Tracksuit Panda experience would be: captivating.


Tracksuit Panda has many goals. “We love to perform. We take pride in quality musicianship, originality, friendship, and overall tightness of the music...and looking super fly when we play. I believe that this is what makes us who we are.” - Walter, lead front man of TSP. Tracksuit Panda is focused on the fine details of the music. When writing or reinventing, Tracksuit Panda enjoys exploring all possibilities of the music to ensure the best outcome they can provide.


Tracksuit Panda hopes to travel the country to play music, meet new people, inspire creativity, and experience everything there is to experience in the music world. Tracksuit Panda would love to be a touring band nationwide. They are also happy to have a stage to play on, even in a good friends living room. 


Tracksuit Panda plans to stick around for the long haul, commitment is most important. Expect big things.

Andrew Tirado

Walter Lee

Andrew Tirado

Andrei Traistaru

Ty Nordstrom